What is Group Exercise ?
Balance Routine: Combines the best of eastern disciplines, like yoga and tai chi, with popular new methods such as Pilates.

Chill Bike: Similar to RPM but this one more focus how to ride the bike and the right and safety posture

Yoga : Creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. This is done through the performance of poses or posture, each of which has specific physical benefits. There are three level of Yoga

  • Basic Yoga :Focus on basic stretching to relax muscles. Beneficial for all ages.
  • Yoga intermediate : Focus on breathing technique together with body movement.
Morning Stretch: Is an easy stretching perfectly for an early morning exercise which can work out using any daily routine’s equipment to add more joy.

Fitball: Is the weight training kind of exercise which comes with a giant elastic ball and fun music. It is particularly useful for core strengthening, works the core muscles and abdominal muscles. Ideal beginners core exercise.

Core – abs : Is the exercise class which focus on working out the Core torso, abdomen, lower back and thighs.

Rip 60 : Is an intense workout that uses elastic and rotating straps for exercise. It is deemed as such since it promises to get you ripped for only 60 days. Basically, this workout program’s core is using the straps provided’ combined with your body’s weight to perform different fat burning exercise.