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Chef Man

Chef Man is the famous Chinese restaurant at the Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn in Bangkok. The name of the restaurant is connoted from the name of Mr. Man Wai Yin, our Executive Chef. During his past 15 years in Thailand, the Chef has been lending his culinary skills and extensive experience in Chinese cuisine to the Eastin Grand. He blends the distinct flavors and recreates popular dishes from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong and brings them to exotic Thailand. With his unique recipes and a team of experienced chefs from China by his side, you can’t get any more authentic than what Chef Man offers!

buy me a rose lyrics Chef Man’s signature dishes include “Peking Duck” — roast duck with crispy skin and juicy meat. One of the special secrets in the preparation of the roast duck is the balance and the heat of the wood burning in the special “duck oven” The duck is served hot and the skin is thinly sliced by our Chinese master chef by your tableside. With Chef Man’s handmade pancakes and home-made sweet plum sauce, cucumber, spring onions and mango, it is definitely a classic and classy dish to impress your guests!

order no online rx Seroquel If you want try some deluxe and gourmet “Dim Sum” which is only available during lunch hour (Monday to Sunday), “abalone dumpling” will suit your taste for sure. Personally selected and screened by Chef Man for size, texture and flavor, it will give you a taste of softness, freshness and sweetness all-in-one on your first bite. And are you ready for our surprise? Chef Man has carefully selected 35 dim sum items to spoil your tummy. Want to challenge your taste bud and senses? Go for the “Fired fish in home-made Shanghai sauce” and experience the tangy spicy flavors of Shanghai.

As Bangkok is an international city, our creative chefs have added in some fusion dishes like “Cold Salad with Black Spaghetti”, a blend of Chinese and Italian. Uniquely prepared pasta with Chinese herbal medicine mixed with spicy Shanghainese sauce, which is a dish not to be missed! Want to have a sweet start for your meal? Then, our “Lotus Root with Sweet Sticky Rice” will be your top choice. An interesting appetizer with sweet sticky rice granules cooked in the tiny holes of the lotus root, steamed to perfection and served warm. Well, fancy something sweet to round up your happy meal? The “Fired stuffed taro with cream and salted egg” with grounded taro and soft cream will be an exciting adventure for your mouth. Our crunchy “Mini Apple Pie“ and mouthwatering “Quicksand bun” with lava cream in a soft bun will also take you to cloud nine.

Now, that’s what we call a PERFECT DAY WITH A PERFECT MEAL!

For reservation please call. 02-336-0879, 093-321-1191 or 093-321-1135

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