10 FREE 2 Court Rental!

Special racket court rental promotion 10 free 2, available for all club racket types. Badminton, Tennis and Squash. SPORTS CLUB MEMBERSHIP RECEIVE 25% OFF ON TOP!



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1st Classic Clay Court in Thailand

Why you will love it?
It looks like clay, it plays like clay, it is cooler and less messy. More info, click above picture!


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Keep your body musclize

Keep up good body with special product! Available now at Sports Club Membership reception. BUY NOW! for 10% off

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Wedding & Engagement

Experience a magical and unforgettable wedding in a picture-perfect indoor or outdoor locations

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Sports Club Membership Renewal Program


Celebrating 2017, Sports Club membership special renewal program to return benefit to all healthy customers! FREE MONTH EXTENSION and MANY GIFT VOUCHER when renew the membership with us! Grab your beneficial and get to be healthier than previous year by calling 02-336-1968 # 0

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For those interested in Taekwondo and Mauy Thai Managed by 2 famous Thai national Taekwondo Register for a free class…

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